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Server Co-Location
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Server Co-Location
To meet the needs of your company’s data recovery plan, Lakeland Energy’s secure data storage facility might be your answer. In the case of a natural disaster, Lakeland Energy can provide offsite data backups of complete servers and applications for your critical operation.

Lakeland’s Co-location facility can provide your business with the infrastructure, security, scalability and management services to ensure the highest level of data protection.

Server Co-location is an outsourced hosting solution that responds to the growing Web hosting and e-business demands of small and medium-sized businesses. Servers are directly connected to our Internet gateway via a fast Ethernet LAN to optimize visitor response times and eliminate network bottlenecks.

Lakeland’s Co-location is comprised of space and bandwidth options. It features secured racks, regulated power, security and support services and offers customers a secure place to physically house hardware and equipment, reducing the potential for fire, theft, or vandalism.


Server Co-Location
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