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Remote Sensing 

Imagery, whether it be captured from airplane or satellite, has become widely available and an increasingly valuable asset to any mapping application. Lakeland Energy has experience dealing with a wide variety of sensors and integrating current and historical images.
Contained within each image there is a wealth of information that may not be obvious to the naked eye; however, using advanced remote sensing and photogrammetric techniques, Lakeland Energy can extract a wealth of hidden data from your imagery.
Let Lakeland Energy assist you with:
Aerial Photography
o   Orthorectifcation
o   DEM derived from stereo imagery
o   Vector Contours derived from stereo imagery
o   Analysis and Value added information
Satellite Imagery
o   Orthorectification
o   DEM From Stereo pairs
o   Vector Contours from Stereo Imagery
o   Analysis and Value Added information
o   Optical and Radar
Elevation Modeling
o   Raster and vector elevation information from a variety of sources
o   Value added products for slope, aspect, watershed modeling, line of sight
o   3D representation of features
o   LiDAR data handling
Image Analysis
o   Classification
o   Change detection
 Project Consulting


Digital Elevation Model Sample Image
50cm Digital Elevation Model

This image shows a bare earth digital elevation model (DEM) created by Lakeland Energy with 50cm spatial resolution extracted from vector contours at 50cm intervals.  The varying colors show the change in elevation from low (light green) to high (reds and whites).  The input vector contours can be seen in light green and have been overlain for texture.

DEMs like this are valuable for watershed modeling, slope, aspect, and volume calculations, 3D modeling, as well as an input to orthorectification of aerial photography or satellite imagery.  Having an accurate base mapping product like this proves invaluable over the long term.


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