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GIS Solutions for Municipalities

Solutions for Internal Operations
Municipalities require an accurate database of their assets and infrastructure. A well developed and managed GIS allows this information to be easily understood and distributed amongst key staff and departments, providing increased efficiency for planning, budgeting, and all aspects of public works from planters to wastewater.
Small municipalities are often limited by the significant costs and overhead associated with developing, maintaining, and staffing an operational GIS. Lakeland Energy’s innovative approach to creating and maintaining a municipal GIS significantly reduces costs while ensuring quality and service requirements are met. 
Parcels Database Search
Municipal GIS

Enterprise level GIS or smaller customized applications, like this one allow a municipalities various departments such as building, zoning, utilities, and property tax assessment to search a property parcels database.  Our maps can be hosted through a secure web based log in procedure saving you money.  Public works departments can use a similar service to model existing infrastructure investments and plan for new builds.

Solutions for the Public
A municipal GIS is a great way to distribute timely and relevant information to the public. Online hosted web maps show community members administrative information such as official plan mapping, voting locations and boundaries, and zoning information. Additionally, important information about public services can be disseminated to the community. For example, the location of municipal buildings and library could be associated with their corresponding operating hours and phone numbers. Parks, trails, events, and recreational facilities can be mapped allowing community members and tourists to take full advantage of the services your municipality provides. 
An online map serves your community by disseminating important municipal information within an easily understood framework. Lakeland Energy has invested in the expertise, software, and hardware allowing us to create, manage, and host a GIS solution to effectively serve your community members. 


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