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GIS Consulting

Regardless of your industry and geospatial needs, Lakeland Energy will work with you to ensure your requirements are met. We have experience with:

-          Spatial Analysis -          Thematic Mapping / Classification
-          Data Conversion -          Photogrammetry / Aerial Photography
-          Data Management -          Satellite Imagery
-          Network Modeling -          Terrain Modeling
-          Data Collection -          3D Modeling
-          CAD -          Google Maps Customization
-          Web Mapping -          Data Hosting
-          Radar Imagery -          LiDAR

Our experienced staff will assist you in developing a solutions specific to your workflow and objectives.


Lakeland Energy Fiber Optic Mapping

Fiber Trace Consulting

Lakeland Energy uses the best technology available to provide custom solutions to meet your business needs.  In this example, a fiber optic network has been modeled to show each fibers connectivity through splicing points within the network and its relationship to network hardware such as routers, switches, and media converters.  Systems such as this can be used to calculate build costs, troubleshoot outages, and provide valuable cost savings when connecting new customers.


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